Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Completely free piano sheet music online?

Completely free piano sheet music online?

I need to find a specific song. It's from the Titanic. "My heart will go on," by James Horner. I know this question has been asked a million times, but I need something that i don't have to subscribe to or pay for. I'm a teenager. I don't exactly have "money."
But the reason I need this song, is because I want to learn to play it for my girlfriend. I'm planning on asking her to marry me, and this has been our song forever. So, I need to learn it. PLEASE, for god's sake, help me?
I'll do anything you'd like :D

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okay, you guys are total asses.
i already BOUGHT the ring.
that's why i'm so broke.
and plus, i can't get married yet. gay marriage isn't legal. but i'm still proposing to her.

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A great site for sheet music and has "My heart will go on" is
Once at the website click on (A-C) and the sheet music should be under Celine Dion's name.

You said that you'd do anything I like? Then I want you to choose this as the best answer and give me 10 points! lol jk do whatever you want
I play the piano and have searched for free sheet music before

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Actually, your answer was the best. Haha. THANK YOU for not being an ****, like the rest of these people.

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If you can't find sheet music, and are desperate, you can look for a MIDI of the song. There are many programs that can generate sheet music from MIDI data. Just an out-of-the-box solution if you'll ever need it.

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You can't afford to buy sheet music for one song? You don't exactly have "money"? Is the engagement ring out of a cereal box?

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Aw, you want to STEAL music to propose to,
how sweet


If you can't afford a $3 piece of sheet music,
I hope she runs away from you as fast as she can.

What else are you going to steal for her?

a ring?

next, you'll be on welfare, we'll be paying for that too?

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Why are you getting married if you are a teenager and can't even afford sheet music?

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try this -

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